Who’s sick of peeing on sticks trying to determine if and when you’re ovulating? When I was #TTC the old-fashioned way, I tried all the ovulation testing methods and it was exhausting and confusing! I tried everything from checking my basal body temperature every morning to checking cervical mucus (TMI but #iykyk).

Fortunately, I had the honor of joining a group of early testers to try out of a revolutionary way of checking ovulation using the @ovuscope! I love how easy it is to use! It’s a saliva-based test that shows you when your peak fertile days are by using a microscope.

Features of the Ovuscope:

⭐️Provides unlimited ovulation tests!
⭐️Accurate and easy to interpret results
⭐️Small and portable (easy for travel)
⭐️Obtain results in seconds