A Saliva Fertility Microscope

To Predict Your Most Fertile Days

ovulation calendar. At Home Fertility Test
Find out your fertile window, by seeing when your saliva crystallizes or “ferns” and keep track of the best time to maximize your chances to conceive.
OvuScope in Cabinet. At Home Fertility Test.
This isn’t an expensive Pee on the Stick style #POAS test kit, where you have to keep buying and throwing them away
ovuscope by sink. At Home Fertility Test.
Just needs a few minutes to test! Pick a set time each day to test that works best for you.


OvuScope Photo REV - Apps smarter. At Home Fertility Test
Make your current tracking apps even smarter, by entering accurate data about your fertile window.


rinsing slide
Use the ovulation microscope slides again and again, just do a simple rinse and dry. Buy one microscope and test all you want!


ovuscope in makeup bag
Discreet & easy to take on the go ovulation testing. No mess from other methods. Non-invasive and easy to use on-the-go,


ovuscope in makeup bag
passport luggage ovuscope

OvuScope is a saliva ovulation prediction test. If you are looking for an at home fertility test, this is a reusable testing method. Before taking an expensive trip to a fertility doctor, you can buy an affordable fertility product like the OvuScope. For a female fertility test at home, the OvuScope provides a simple microscope solution that is non-invasive by using your saliva instead of urine. Instead of urine pee on a stick tests that are messy and based upon Luteinizing Hormone (LH) hormones, OvuScope is based upon estrogen so you can get a prediction of your ovulation up to several days earlier, so its truly a modern fertility test. Before trying a fertility doctor or IUI or IVF, you can monitor your ovulation at home and have several more days to try per cycle! This is really the best ovulation test for $39.99 compared to spending much more each month on disposable options like a clear blue ovulation kit or any similar ovulation test strips. This will increase your chances of getting pregnant after a positive ovulation test because you will have more days than with an LH surge from a positive ovulation test strip. Get your easy at home fertility test today!

Ovuscope was co-developed by leading optics company, Carson Optical, in conjunction with OB-GYN, Dr. Stephen Blank. As the leader in pocket microscopes for decades, Carson brings their technical experience to create this innovative ovulation microscope based upon saliva ovulation testing. OvuScope is patented in USA and internationally by, D969193, EU 007332168-0001, 007332168-0002, 007332168-0003, UK 9007332168-0001, 9007332168-0002, 9007332168-0003, ZL201930688295.X, ZL201930688288.X, ZL201930688306.4.

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