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OvuScope Daily Checklist

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Observing Your Ovulation Test Results

For saliva ovulation testing, the salt or electrolyte crystals that are present in dried female saliva rise significantly prior to or during a normal ovulation period to form miniature patterns which resemble fern leaves. You can view the patterns on the included reusable slides, so you don’t have to buy ovulation test kits over and over.

IMPORTANT:  Saliva samples may be affected by smoking, alcohol or food consumption. Wait at least two hours after these activities before testing saliva and/or make sure you rinse and wait at least 15 minutes.

The fertile window, which is the best time to try to conceive, will be from peak ferning (pre-ovulatory) up to several days later (up to 24 hours after potential ovulation).

When you see ferning throughout your sample, it indicates the beginning of your fertile window. Differing from LH-measuring urine tests, ferning is a response to your estrogen hormone levels, whereas LH rises about 12-24 hours after estrogen spikes. OvuScope does not confirm that you are ovulating or that you recently ovulated. It’s a predictor of when ovulation may occur – called your ovulation window or fertile window. Typically, ovulation should occur 24-72 hours after the peak ferning pattern appears. During/after ovulation, it is likely that you won’t see any ferning at all. This fertility tracker gives you advanced notice even before things like a temp drop or urine test result.

Further details can be reviewed in our instructional guide.

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